pyQPCR can be downloaded on the sourceforge page :

You can also get the latest SVN version with:

svn co

Direct run

A script is given in the tarball to run directly pyQPCR without installing. Just open a console (or cmd on Windows) in the pyQPCR directory and run



Just download the .exe on the download page and install it. Everything should work flawlessly.


pyQPCR needs several python libraries as dependencies.

Just install them on your favorite distribution. After installing these dependencies, you can install pyQPCR by running:

sudo python install

If you work with a RPM-based distribution, you can also build the RPM with the following command:

python bdist_rpm

and then install it with

sudo rpm -ivh dist/pyQPCR-0.2-1.noarch.rpm

It is known to work with Fedora and Opensuse Linux (don't forget to install python-devel and rpmbuild).

Mac OS X

Just download the .dmg on the download page and install it by dragging the .app file into your /Applications directory. Everything should work flawlessly. It is known to work with Mac OS 10.4 or later (Mac Intel only). For now, powerpc architectures are not supported.


pyQPCR should now be in the menu entry. You can also run it in the console with the command