add some screenshots

Add some screenshots of the forthocoming 0.2 release.

errata : pyQPCR 0.1.2

There was a critical bug on the 0.1.1 version with PyQt4.4 and python 2.5.2. In these versions, it is impossible to use copy.deepcopy of QObject. This problem was solved with python 2.6.2 and PyQt4.5.

As a solution, Gene does not inheritate anymore from QDialog. It seems to be OK now.

pyQPCR 0.1.1 is out

I have released today the pyQPCR 0.1.1 version. It is not a big milestone version, it is just intended to solve bugs. The exe file can be downloaded by Windows users, it should work flawlessly.

I improve the standard curves calculations. The edit dialog is also largely improved here as it communicates with the gene and sample dialogs.

Some checks are needed especially for the error calculations before the 0.2 release. Any help/comment is also welcome to improve the files supported (for now Eppendorf is the only one).

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