dmg for Mac OS X users

I've uploaded today a dmg for Mac OS X users. It has been tested on Mac OS 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 and is known to work on theses platforms.

Powerpc are not supported yet. I can try to provide a dmg for powerpc if someone is interested.



  • Md5sum 1e7df5727d1d708a11ce5d71547b6df9
  • sha1sum c1a1d7060b3fc04e42bdfe8120662cc4e82ea4b9

What's more, the 0.4 version is coming soon with new file format supported and many bugfixes.

pyQPCR 0.3 is out

Release notes

The 0.3 version of pyQPCR is out. It brings many new features and bugfixes (more than 70 commits on the svn repository) :

  • It now supports multi-plate calculations (example are given in the sample directory). You have to define a reference target and sample for each plate of your experiment. That can be done with the Edit Target/Sample widgets.
  • pyQPCR has now its own file format which is XML based. The 'Open' entry allows only to open this kind of files. If you want to import QPCR raw data from your PCR device, please consider to use the 'New project' widget or the 'Add plate' button if you have already created one.
  • It is now easily possible to add new PCR machines file format. For now, only Eppendorf files are supported, but I can add others if somebody ask me (and send me examples of these files).
  • Large cleanings and improvements in the code, especially for exception catching.
  • Better plot support.
Don't hesitate to ask for new features or for bug corrections. Any suggestion is welcome to improve this program.



  • Md5sum c998ea2a3eea71d7062d28c90567f398
  • sha1sum d6d1613a6f49630f5b16cd6c2f2b6c176cde4aff


  • Md5sum f15c7c0bb6ae2d0caffe6477b1cb552f
  • sha1sum 749db8fbe6b199d2593b7040887298ab1ba43706


I really hope to provide a dmg file for Mac OS X users soon for this 0.3 release.

pyQPCR 0.3 is coming

I've released a pre-version of pyQPCR 0.3 for Windows users. Some tests are needed before the final release.

What's new :

  • Multi-plate calculation : ability to work with several plates
  • New file format : pyQPCR export its data in a new XML format
  • Many bug fixes

This new release is coming soon.

pyQPCR 0.2 is out

The 0.2 version of pyQPCR is out. It now fully takes into account the error calculation (and let the user choose between t-test or Gaussian confidence intervals).


  • Md5sum 25210e63a8b46bb81c881475b10c9268
  • sha1sum a7d73d85c9f74810b6f6eb09b218eb48672f004f

The .exe for windows is coming soon !

pyQPCR 0.1.3 is out

I've uploaded a last revision for the 0.1 version of pyQPCR before the 0.2 release. It fixes many bugs. I've also added a custom matplotlib toolbar in order to solve the icon problem on Windows.


  • Md5sum 45a2b0a026c8bfe887633bfddd13aafd
  • sha1sum ac64f2bc08e32a864acb7fbdc96ba57241ec6bb3


  • Md5sum b5b87611dafb10b3b3c430dbd99fb2f7
  • sha1sum ac5b1ef932f5f9f4f3ab8aaabe1ac10b96e60129
Both can be download in

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