Assistant wizard to compute dilutions

Just a small video to present a new feature that will be added in the upcoming 0.9 release of pyQPCR: a small wizard that helps to compute dilutions automatically.

Video tutorial for pyQPCR

I've added a video as a tutorial for pyQPCR :

dmg for Mac OS X users

I've uploaded today a dmg for Mac OS X users. It has been tested on Mac OS 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 and is known to work on theses platforms.

Powerpc are not supported yet. I can try to provide a dmg for powerpc if someone is interested.



  • Md5sum 1e7df5727d1d708a11ce5d71547b6df9
  • sha1sum c1a1d7060b3fc04e42bdfe8120662cc4e82ea4b9

What's more, the 0.4 version is coming soon with new file format supported and many bugfixes.

pyQPCR 0.3 is coming

I've released a pre-version of pyQPCR 0.3 for Windows users. Some tests are needed before the final release.

What's new :

  • Multi-plate calculation : ability to work with several plates
  • New file format : pyQPCR export its data in a new XML format
  • Many bug fixes

This new release is coming soon.

add some screenshots

Add some screenshots of the forthocoming 0.2 release.

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