pyQPCR 0.9 on Mac OS X

I've uploaded today a dmg of pyQPCR 0.9 for Mac OS X users.



  • Md5sum 0806fdbff601f0407ef774e837520043
  • sha1sum 35bf63d7277df836029f65e353900aeff4c0a32c


Par Armin Ehninger le vendredi 09 mars 2012 à 10:34

Thanks for the nice software. How can I import files from the Viia7 machine (ABI - Life Technologies).

Par pyqpcr dev le dimanche 11 mars 2012 à 10:21

Send me a sample by email and I can add the support for your PCR device.

Par Richard Edmunds le mercredi 21 mars 2012 à 02:23

Thanks for this useful software.

Might there be a way to open files generated by an ABI Prism 7700 Sequence Analyzer? From what I can tell the primary software (SDS 1.9.1) only works on OS 9 or earlier.

If you know of any way to open these files on OSX it would be vastly appreciate. Thanks so much!


Par pyqpcr dev le samedi 24 mars 2012 à 14:51

I'm not sure to get the question but AB 7700 files should work with pyqpcr.

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