pyQPCR 0.9 is out

Release notes

The 0.9 version of pyQPCR is out.


It brings some new features and bugfixes:

New features

  • Assistant: Add an assistant wizard that apply a plate setup to a new plate (name of the genes, type of the well, and so on). It works from both an internal plate or an external plate.
  • Print plate setup: Add an option to print the plate setup in the PDF output.
  • New PCR device: ESCO spectrum 48 and Illumina Eco are now supported.


  • bugfix for AB7000 (sds version 1.1).
  • bugfix in the absolute quantification computation (standard error were wrong).

Don't hesitate to ask for new features or for bug corrections.



  • Md5sum 21bd66bdbe494ea8b1c15fc5cb51e4e2
  • sha1sum 7ca8eda32dae06a016294546b432e08047dcb520


  • Md5sum a7b977bc39f16343af95cb68b766429d
  • sha1sum ed177c0842d75a961bf1337565999e804048d620


Unfortunately, I don't have any access to a Mac at the moment. Therefore, it is impossible to build the dmg file of the 0.9 version. I hope to find a solution soon, but any help is welcome! Any apple device with Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5 (to ensure backward compatibility) and a kind guy with some experience using Macports would be perfect :-) .


Par Andrea le mardi 29 mai 2012 à 10:20

It is impossible to import data from Illumina Eco may be it is due because Illumina released a news software. Could you improve the import for this instrument? Thanks a lot.

Par pyqpcr dev le jeudi 14 juin 2012 à 16:40

Ok, sounds like a bug. Don't hesitate to send me a sample, I'll check what's the problem
with your file.

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