pyQPCR 0.8 is out

Release notes

The 0.8 version of pyQPCR is out.

It brings some new features and bugfixes:

New features

  • Save order: the XML files now saves the order of the targets and samples, so if the user changes the ranking, the settings are saved.
  • Automatic dilution wizard: a new dialog has been added to compute the dilutions automatically.
  • New PCR device: Biorad C1000 is now supported.


  • All the parsing subroutines for Applied devices have been merged into a single one.
  • Bugfix in the printing dialog.

Don't hesitate to ask for new features or for bug corrections.



  • Md5sum 0ed575a912022aadea14b96d38894f5a
  • sha1sum a9debf54d6577511888f03d1cd5840ff2293f2be


  • Md5sum f14aca964c9956a91a54ca3a8f7aab91
  • sha1sum e53e28894c358d76d6aabc7b6baf907e549ca1eb


  • Md5sum 3135e6d6b948d14a7ffa1181ecd970e9
  • sha1sum c699ac06b1103dfc5a1364d7526fe8fa4dd34eb9