pyQPCR 0.7 is out

Release notes

The 0.7 version of pyQPCR is out.


It brings some new features and bugfixes:

New features

  • Save color: the XML files now saves the color of the targets and samples, so if the user changes these values, the settings are saved.
  • New PCR devices: several PCR devices have been added: Qiagen Corbett (72-rotor and 100-rotor), Applied Biosystem 7700 and 7900, Cepheid SmartCycler and Stratagen Mx3000.


  • Undo/Redo behaviour has been largely improved and polished.
  • Bugfixing on the Edit Well Dialog.
  • Rewrite the color attibution of targets and samples.
  • Implementation of __cmp__ methods that help to improve the undo/redo mechanism

Don't hesitate to ask for new features or for bug corrections.



  • Md5sum b8f45d28afbaca9110a84fa8414e08d2
  • sha1sum 05922762a4bc5e38d870b68320a1cf5862a919d2


  • Md5sum a02cf578cbfaee36deec433e05312be1
  • sha1sum 4eb21dec6e98660ceb6c7ce27228c13156adfed9


  • Md5sum b209b8b6bdca9e507603396f6460c798
  • sha1sum c76c4898acba06fb4f0a6a932fd425ddff197b3a