pyQPCR 0.5 is out

Release notes

The 0.5 version of pyQPCR is out. It brings many new features and bugfixes :

  • New file format for Roche devices (LightCycler 480) has been added.
  • Better PDF export of the results.
  • New plot dialog : ability to change yaxis scale (linear or logarithmic).
  • Draggable legend (and ability to not display it or on several columns).
  • Ability to copy the result table to the clipboard (CTRL+C).
  • Many bugfixes and code cleanups.
Don't hesitate to ask for new features or for bug corrections. Any suggestion is welcome to improve this program. New PCR devices are going to be supported soon.



  • Md5sum aa0df9a0780be39b95808e17c252b44f
  • sha1sum 897244c240c65df2b3069e023ef364e71b8834aa


  • Md5sum afb76801c172e457b04c662253cfb961
  • sha1sum c0bc55f2b430daf217a415035a3d3ab647df15cf


  • Md5sum 8a5b58c40d3433bfdb424a597840c6aa
  • sha1sum 09676f0fefdc170605f760c6624f15a204209cf5