pyQPCR 0.4 is out

Release notes

The 0.4 version of pyQPCR is out. It brings many new features and bugfixes (more than 50 commits on the svn repository) :

  • It now supports multi-reference targets calculations. You have to define one or several reference targets and one reference sample for each plate of your experiment. That can be done with the Edit Target/Sample widgets.
  • pyQPCR supports new PCR devices : AB StepOne and AB 7000 raw data files (new ones can easily be added if somebody ask me and send me examples of these files).
  • Ability to display all plates or each plate separately.
  • Ability to rotate the x-direction labels in quantification plots.
  • Plot settings are saved between sessions.
  • Many bugfixes (especially on the sample widget).
Don't hesitate to ask for new features or for bug corrections. Any suggestion is welcome to improve this program.



  • Md5sum c050fadf2d785567360c53634336dccc
  • sha1sum d66c41a308397b76014e3b21ed4f9072905b4800


  • Md5sum af1ef9efc1e2edc2a565aa8bbe19308e
  • sha1sum e95709cbb7ed1791b525a04c11a84c4b5852be31


  • Md5sum dc5321d157d53ae9725b3cd1e479f44a
  • sha1sum 98e9c4a58acd97dcda58f6ebd08da4d2407099f4